Founded in 1984, Hydraulic Electric Component Supply, Inc. (HECS, INC.) manufactured and distributed parts for wheelchair lifts.

Nearly 17 years later HECS, Inc. now manufactures and distributes OEM and aftermarket components for many makes and models of transit buses, coaches, and wheelchair lifts.

Hydraulic Electric Inc. supplies OEM and high quality replacement components for GMC, TMC, RTS, Neoplan, Flxible, Flyer and Gillig buses at competitive prices.

With our complete manufacturing facility including machine shop, assembly areas, and welding shop, we maintain over 50,000 parts in stock including body parts, engine parts, transmission parts, door parts, suspension parts, electrical parts, and more.

We manufacture from customer drawings and re-engineer parts at the customers request.

We are also a distributor of Mobile-Tech wheelchair lifts. Thousands of OEM and aftermarket parts are also available for many makes and models of older transit buses.